domenica 27 gennaio 2008

UO: Defender - news for Noxins

I'm sorry I haven't posted new maps or codes in the last month, but I'm very busy..
I have instead an interestin news from Noxins, UO:defender creator.
Finally some update from his site:

blog post
the interesting part is:

the Defender remake is steadily nearing completion..

waiting for that!

giovedì 10 gennaio 2008

Sesto's Spice Girls!

here are our friends from GASC performing as Spice Girls in Marmaja (Cusano Milanino).

Take a look

lunedì 7 gennaio 2008

U comment, I follow

this blog is now "nofollow free".
What does thism mean? URLs in comments will now be followed by bots and search engine!

Blogger uses the "nofollow tag" in comments by default, but it's possible and easy to remove it:

just go under "template" and "edit html".

Check "Expand Widget Templates".

search for

<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl' rel='nofollow'>

and cancel the "rel='nofollow'" part! Only
<a expr:href='data:comment.authorUrl'>

should remain.

it's easy and fast!

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