domenica 30 settembre 2007

Babelfish and the music industry.. non amo tua ragazza...

Yesterday "opening party" at oratorio san gregorio (Milan) offered some interesting musical moment, including elisa and cecco's version of Ebane Ivoire "Les Oiseaux"...

But what astonished me was the italian version of Avril Lavigne's Girlfriend:

here an extract of the italian version of the text:

Hey! Hey! You! You!
¡No, no, no!
Hey! Hey! You! You!
Sarò la tua ragazza!

Hey! Hey! You! You!
So che ti piaccio
No way! No way!
Non è un segreto
Hey! Hey! Watashi!
Sarò la tua ragazza!

Apart from the fact that only the chorus is translated and the rest is in english, 2 sentences of five have no meaning in italian!
I think babelfish would have a better result.. At least being more polite..

Anyway, if you can stand it and you wanna have some fun.. here are all languages!

giovedì 20 settembre 2007

EtourCamp & Cultural treasure hunt

Looks like I'll be going to a BARCAMP.

It's the eTourCamp in Lugano, about ITCs (ok!) and Tourism (hmm...).. I've been invited with my course mate by professor Cantoni..

Participating in a BarCamp seems interesting, but I have no idea of what to present.. And I'm afraid that everyone should present something!

This summer I visited my cousin in Cameroun, not a very touristic place indeed.. I should find something about that!

The barCamp is also connected to a "Cultural Treasure Hunt" around in the city of Lugano, trough its wonderful places and monuments. "Helps will be given by the system trough the portables devices of the participants.".. I'll think about that too.. At least I don't have to be prepared.. And I'll see some new spot in Lugano..

lunedì 10 settembre 2007

come dice il sondaggio..

here's a new feature!
this time from Youtube..

let's see how this looks

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