sabato 23 giugno 2007

Blonde Redhead in Milan

Here's the list of songs I knew at the 20th june 2007 concert at Rolling Stone, Milan. I'm not good at remembering songs titles, so I'll write down the lyrics that helped me retrieve 'em.

  • Falling man ..I know a ghost can walk through the walls, but I'm just a man still learning how to fall..
  • Equus ..Adore you..
  • In particular
  • Melody of certain Three ..All is Well..
  • Misery is a Butterfly
  • Melody

All other song were from the new Album, thus unknown to me..
This reminds me of the musical sites than I'd like to build.. And about merging them.. But I haven't time to talk about 'em now..


Smirne ha detto...

others songs identified after listening to the new album: "23" and "Spring and by Summer Fall"

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