mercoledì 13 giugno 2007

Troubles with google strike

I read in my Google Reader that bloggers are experimenting a Strike "against" Google. I think Cantoni and Fare talked about that at lessons. I don't even rember if the strike is today, and what the rules are, but, even if I'm not a blogger this is what I'm trying to do:

avoid searching with google, msn, yahoo and ask for 24 hours.

I figured out how difficult that is. I instantly declined the idea of striking on all of google's stuff. I use gmail as main address, and I need Google Docs for University Projects and work.
Avoiding just the web search is surprisingly hard. When I'm looking for something, I use firefox provided search. Obviously google based. Moreover, I have a lot of websearch to do for a project in the university.

The first altenative engine I tought of was ChaCha, where live guides can serch for you (yes, real person). I used it to search the 100 alternative search engine suggested by the post, and I checked them. I found in the article many intresting examples for specific uses, but nothing for the fast searches I needed to do. The 100 list followed and I tried some random one, but none seemed to fit my needs. The best one sent me on Google results page for my query, brutally interrupting my strike. So i keeped searching with ChaCha text based interface (full of sponsored results), and bothering some guide with my questions about university in various country.

I'd like to put some link for you, but I'm late with my homework..and I don't like the idea of searching those for you ;) So.. go search yourself..and don't use google! If you find something useful for helping me with my strike, you're welcome!


Smirne ha detto...

22.36: i surrendered to
You can guess who provides the results..

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