venerdì 23 novembre 2007

Antipixel World's Bigger Page (By SaguaroVideo)

Saguaro Video's blog is promoting a great initiative I'm going to support: the creation of the world's biggest antipixel page.

Antipixels are tiny little 15x80 banner, that can link to your page or blog.
Here you can find the latest post in italian from Debe, the page creator.

And here's my english version:

Why should you partecipate to the page?

* To create an antipixel and send it you need less than five minutes
* You gain a free link to you're site/blog
* Yes, you're right, a free backlink!
* It's not a link exchange. Promoting the initiative is appreciated, but not required, we don't ask you to put any link.
* Yes, no link back required!
* It's not only for blog but for every kind of site, commercial sites included
* This could help your site pagerank!
* This could generate traffic towards your page!
* No contraindications!


To have your antipixel in the world biggest dedicated page:
Send an email to ildebe [at] with "antipixel" as object.
Insert the link to the page you want to referr and the link to the image (if you don't know where to upload it, you can use flickr or imageshack).
To create an antipixel you can use online services like Pixelbutton, Brilliant Button, Button Maker.. Or you can draw it yourself with an image editing software. Remeber it has to be 15 x 80 pixel!!
Between the participants, we can find Daveblog e Julius Design.

My impression:

It's a simple and nice thing to do.. Building an antipixel is fine and you can use it in many ways.. A free backlink always sounds good, and if the page has success, this can mean a good traffic. Personally I already received 20 clicks to JJescalante. So send your antipixels, and spread the news!


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