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Theory 2: pre-determined future - Flashforward and time travel theories

This post is part of a series about flashforward and time travel theories. Might contain spoiler. Please start reading here.

Theory 2: pre-determined future
In this theory the future seen in the flashforward is the "real" future, what will really happen on April 29th.

Figure 3: flashforward coming form "flashforward" time flow itself

All events are predetermined, people are moving towards their future, "written" and seen in their own flashforward.  In Figure 3 you can see a full line, since there is no space for "changes" in this scenario. There is no relation beetween "flashforward time" and "normal" time.
Good points:
This vision is also simple: the flashforward is a real sight of how the future will be. In this future there are references to the flashforward (Mark investigation) and events where the flashforward is probably involved (Lloyd meeting Olivia, since his child got injured during the blackout).
People behaviours during the 2 minutes and 17 seconds do not seem to go along well with this theory. They act normally, as if they did not "lived" that moment before: imagine you saw what you would possibly be doing at a certain time in the future; when that time comes, you would expect what is going to happen, prepare yourself for it and maybe nod if everything would happen according to the flashforward. Instead, people are suprised by what they see (Janis is really moved when she's told about the daughter. But she's been knowing that for months!) and seem to behave without considering what they have seen (what is Mark doing in the office, drinking, with his gun unloaded if he know that masked man are coming to kill him)?
All flashforward should be true, but what happens to Al in Episode 7 invalidates both his and Fiona flashforwards.
Addressing the problems:
While people behavior might somehow be accepted, Al's problem invalidates this theory.


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