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Theory 4:nested flashforwards - Flashforward and time travel theories

This post is part of a series about flashforward and time travel theories. Might contain spoiler. Please start reading here.

Theory 4: external interventions

In theory 3 we were considering specific interventions of "the people behind the blackout", but it was hard to explain how these interventions could happen and change the predetermined time-line.
This interpretation considers a particular intervention from those people: a second blackout (even in some way it happens "before" the actual one).
This theory starts from the "time flow" stated in theory one. When a flashforward occurs, people see what their future would have been without the flashforward. They have therefore the possibility to act and change this future. Let's look at Figure 5 for a clearer explanation.

Figure 5: double flashforward scenario

In this scenario we have a first flashforward event, somewhere between October 6th and April 29th.
In this flashforward people saw their "old" future, like in theory 1: a future that they will be able to change.
A new flashforward was then introduced, before flashforward "1". In this flashforward, people saw the future that they would have experienced in timeline 2: a word where a different flashforward happened.
Therefore, they will be able to change their future according to what they see.
Good points:
This theory seems to explain many of the problem encountered in previous theories. The future seen in the flashforward is based on a word where a flashforward existed; this would explain Mark's investigation, and many of the "coincidences" found.
The future is not pre-determined, explaining Al's death and all possible changes on future events.
I did not find any strong objection on this theory. There are however many open question.
How does the theory addresses the "strange behaviours at flashforward time"? How can a second flashforward be created? Can it be created before the first flashforward? The "first" flashforward will happen in this reality too?
Addressing the problems:
Many of these question will possibly be addressed by future episodes. This theory leaves the future of the series open to different possibilities, and I think this is very intriguing.
The fact that people are behaving in a strange way at flashforward time might be explained by the fact that in timeline 2, flashforward is showing a different timespan (or even a different day). People would not expect a flashforward to happen at that time, and are therefore acting normally.

This ends my theories series for the moment, I hope to get some feedback from you!


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